TrendMicro Deep Security Useful Commands 0

TrendMicro Deep Security Useful Commands

Ubuntu Platform Install DS Agent Ubuntu and Debian (platform using dpkg) $ sudo dpkg -i <package_name>   Installed DS Agent Status $ /etc/init.d/ds_agent status   Uninstall DS Agent Ubuntu and Debian (platform uses dpkg)...


Creating Deep Security diagnostic package in Linux

TrendMicro has published article on creating diagnostic package for troubleshooting your reported issues by their support engineers. However, the document doesn’t cover the actual steps to identify the location of installation in Linux environment...


Disable IPv6 in Linux

Try using wireshark to analyse your network traffic, you will be surprised to see many IPv6 traffic that you are not expecting in your IPv4 based network. These IPv6 packets are actually consuming your server and network resources for no use. 

This article explains how to disable IPv6 in the network interface cards of Linux/CentOS servers.

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