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Create permission in local XAMPP server in Ubuntu


Follow this single step to assign write permissions in XAMPP htdocs folder in Ubuntu in order to access your hosted web application without permission issues.

Access Folder and Copy/Paste between Windows and Ubuntu on Oracle Virtualbox


Steps to access share folder and enable copy/paste between Windows computer and Ubuntu running on Oracle Virtualbox environment. You will find it so much needed to transfer files soon after you complete fresh installation of Ubuntu.

How to Start XAMPP Control Panel in Ubuntu


Commands to start XAMPP Control Panel in Ubuntu

Install Brackets Editor in Ubuntu and other Linux Distributions


How to install Brackets, an open-source, lightweight and powerful text editor. Brackets makes the web development easy to design for web designers and front-end developers.

Fortigate CLI

Commands to enable debug logs for troubleshooting IPSec VPN Tunnel in FortiGate


Useful commands to enable debug logging to console to troubleshoot Site to Site VPN issue in FortiGate firewall

CentOS Linux Useful Commands


CentOS Linux Useful Commands

Disable IPv6 in Linux


Try using wireshark to analyse your network traffic, you will be surprised to see many IPv6 traffic that you are not expecting in your IPv4 based network. These IPv6 packets are actually consuming your server and network resources for no use.  This article explains how to disable IPv6 in the network interface cards of Linux/CentOS servers.

Solved – Internet access issue after using airmon-ng


Issue “airmon-ng stop wlan0mon” command to stop monitoring mode and restart network manager service inorder to restore internet connection after using airmon-ng

Configure Cisco NTP

Configure NTP on Cisco


This article explains you in detail about NTP configuration on Cisco devices. There are two ways to configure. First I explain about simple NTP configuration without authentication. Second, I explain about NTP configuration with MD5 authentication that is more secure than first one.

Fortigate CLI

FortiGate CLI Commands for Troubleshooting


FortiGate CLI commands for basic configuration and troubleshooting of fortigate appliance.

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