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BIG-IP F5 with Symantec Enterprise Vault


Our customer was performing Exchange 2010 to 2016 migration along with Enterprise Vault upgrade. And I was asked to migrate from TMG to F5. I use F5 iapp f5.microsoft_exchange_2016.v1.0.2 to configure Exchange 2016 co-existence with Exchange 2010 and SSL profile is enabled at both client and server end in Virtual ..

Priority in F5 iRule to resolve pool members not receiving any traffic


Are you experiencing problem of no traffic directed to a pool members? Have you got multiple iRules associated to a specific virtual server and do you experience problem with the order of iRule being executed? The solution to above problems is defining Priority in F5 iRule. Know About iRule behavior ..

Logging WL-Proxy-Client-IP and X-Forwarded-For to determine Client IP behind F5


In order to determine the client IP that sends requests to a Web Server placed behind an F5 appliance, you can attach this iRule to your virtual server. This iRule logs the requested Client IP address under System > Logs > Local Traffic. This iRule logs following Client IP address Request URL X-Forwarded-For ..

How to log locally Using F5 iRule for quick troubleshooting


There are times that as an F5 administrator, you wanted to log traffic to debug and troubleshoot an request or response that is processed by F5 appliance. Here is handy iRule script that logs following – Client IP address & port – Requested URL – Virtual Server Name specified in F5 – ..

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Pass Country Code in URL using iRule and Geolocation


Here is a simple example that explains how to pass Country Code as variable in URL using iRule. I assume that you have already configured your F5 appliance with GeoLocation database, otherwise refer my article BIG-IP LTM url redirection based on Geolocation and set it up. In this example, when someone ..

iRule to use Data Group


You might have come across a situation where only limited set of IP address need to be granted access to a web page or web services. And these IP address need updates from time to time when ever you provision the web services to your new clients. Obviously, such IP address list shouldn’t be written ..

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BIG-IP F5 iRule commands


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iRule for single VIP but with multiple pool


  Here I want to redirect our two websites visitors ( and to same public IP but to two different pool. If someone types, LTM needs to redirect to a specific path /en and specific pool name en_pool If someone types, LTM needs to ..

BIG-IP LTM url redirection based on Geolocation


There is no necessity to rewrite about downloading and installing Geo-location database as we have a friendly article written in F5 repository here. You can follow as guided in the article and you should be able to successfully complete setting up Geo-location in your F5 box.   [admin@nlb01:Active:In ..

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