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BIG-IP F5 with Symantec Enterprise Vault


Our customer was performing Exchange 2010 to 2016 migration along with Enterprise Vault upgrade. And I was asked to migrate from TMG to F5. I use F5 iapp f5.microsoft_exchange_2016.v1.0.2 to configure Exchange 2016 co-existence with Exchange 2010 and SSL profile is enabled at both client and server end in Virtual ..

Upgrade F5 Image on Active and Standby High Availability Units


Step by step guide to upgrade the latest software image on F5 units. The procedure is still the same whether you upgrade a single unit or active/standby F5 deployed environment. 

How to troubleshoot an issue of F5 redirecting Exchange OWA Web address to direct host name of CAS Server


Problem is When you access Outlook Web Access (OWA) as for example, F5 redirects your request to actual CAS server address, https://hubcas1/owa instead of retaining the request URL.   Solution is In you are facing this problem then it means SSL is configured on CAS Server ..

Commands to manage F5 Active Connections


View All Active Connections Use the command tmsh show /sys connection to view all active connections of all Virtual Servers of F5 unit [root@F5LB] config # tmsh show /sys connection Really display 1000 connections? (y/n) y Sys::Connections ..

Configure HTTP Monitor in F5


Before we begin configuring the HTTP Monitor, use POSTMAN (or your favorite HTTP sniffer tool) to understand REQUEST (Send String) and RESPONSE (Receive String) pair of the health check page. SEND STRING In this example, when client browser browse the health check web page /…/healthcheck.html, ..

tcpdump useful commands


tcpdump is a packet sniffing command line tool to capture TCP/IP packets that are received or transmitted on a specific interface. This tool has been used widely for troubleshooting purpose, as well as for security assessments. The output of tcpdump command can be viewed using free wireshark tool. The above ..

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Configure HSTS on F5 – Video Tutorial


Our video tutorial explains how to configure HSTS – HTTP Strict Transport Security on F5 Appliance. There are 2 options available to configure Option 1 is using iRule Option 2 is using HTTP Profile, however this option is available from Version 12 onwards. Using iRule option, configure following ..

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F5 Clear Front Panel LCD display warnings remotely


F5 appliance LCD warning displays cannot be seen remotely, neither LED alarms. But if you would like to remotely see any warnings, these are written in /var/log/ltm file. However you can remotely clear LCD warnings and Alarm LED using following commands. Note: Performing following procedure should not have ..

How to log locally Using F5 iRule for quick troubleshooting


There are times that as an F5 administrator, you wanted to log traffic to debug and troubleshoot an request or response that is processed by F5 appliance. Here is handy iRule script that logs following – Client IP address & port – Requested URL – Virtual Server Name specified in F5 – ..

Configure F5 SSL for WebLogic Servers


In this scenario, SSL is offloaded in F5 appliance that load balances HTTP WebLogic Servers behind it. You might have experienced a situation that F5 has responded ‘http’ response for all ‘https’ requests from client browsers and the applications were not rendered properly. In such ..

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