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Pass Country Code in URL using iRule and Geolocation


Here is a simple example that explains how to pass Country Code as variable in URL using iRule. I assume that you have already configured your F5 appliance with GeoLocation database, otherwise refer my article BIG-IP LTM url redirection based on Geolocation and set it up. In this example, when someone ..

iRule to use Data Group


You might have come across a situation where only limited set of IP address need to be granted access to a web page or web services. And these IP address need updates from time to time when ever you provision the web services to your new clients. Obviously, such IP address list shouldn’t be written ..

LTM – Disable or Forced Offline Pool member for application maintenance


When you wanted to perform maintenance of a specific application, LTM has got a good feature where you can either disable or forced offline at pool member level (IP address and port), so the node (server) still serves client requests received on different ports for other application. Before you proceed, ..

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Enabling Perfect Forward Secrecy Cipher Suites on F5 BigIP LTM


Every SSL connection begins with a handshake, during which the two parties communicate their capabilities to the other side, perform authentication, and agree on their session keys. The session keys are then used to encrypt the rest of the conversation (session), possibly spanning multiple connections. ..

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Configure High Availability (Active/Standby) of BIG-IP F5 LTMs


HA Prerequisites: All devices in device group are running the same version of BIG-IP system software. Configure NTP and verify that both devices show same date and time.   You must perform this task locally on each device in the device group. Step 1: Create dedicated VLAN and Self IP for HA: Here ..

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Different Load balancing methods of BIG-IP LTM


BIG-IP LTM provides various load balancing methods Under Pool > New Pool screen option. Most load balancing methods will allow you to choose between member and node. You will see the difference in the further article. Basically, you can load balance between either nodes or members. Node is just an IP address ..

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F5 – http monitor newline character error


  when you attempt to save the http monitor configuration, a warning message may appear as value may not contain literal newline characters even though you might have entered correct syntax in the string. This is actually a bug SOL14162 explained with a work around solution, you need create the http ..

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Connect F5 LACP ports to Cisco Switch on ether-channel


F5 LACP Configuration: In both F5 boxes, configure LACP as shown in the screenshot Cisco Switch Configuration: Both these Cisco switches are stacked and it supports multi-chassis port-channel, i.e. creating port-channel between Ethernet interfaces of different switches. Set all these interface to default ..

F5 SSL offload – redirects traffic back in http instead of https


We are using WebLogic Server at the backend and F5 LTM load balancer at front. Our SSL certificate is offloaded in F5 and users see https in their browser. But while looking at the packets (using F12) in the user computer and also in the logs of Weblogic server, everything was recorded as http instead ..

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