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Configure DynDNS Dynamic DNS in Cisco Router


This article shows you how to configure DDNS on Cisco Router that receives dynamic Public IP address from Internet provider. After setting this up, your router can be accessed from anywhere via Domain Name.

Configure Site to Site IPSec VPN Tunnel between Cisco Router and Paloalto Firewall


One end of IPSec tunnel is a Paloalto Firewall with Static Public IP address and the other end is Cisco router with Dynamic IP address and behind an Internet modem. You can refer for step by step guide to establish IPSec VPN tunnel between Paloalto Firewall and Cisco Router.

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Display debugging on ssh session or console


To display Cisco debug output on the current SSH or Telnet session switch# logging on        // enabled by default switch# logging monitor     //command to enable logging on VTY lines switch# terminal monitor    //unless you issue this command, you cannot see logs on your SSH or Telnet sessions. ..

Reset Cisco Router Password Without Losing Configuration


Step 1: Reload router. If you do not know the password, just perform hard reboot. Step 2: Wait for 10 seconds of startup and send a break signal to terminal If you are using PUTTY, right click on the top of PUTTY Window, and select Special Command > Break *Jan 22 06:36:23.990: %SYS-5-RELOAD: Reload ..

Reset Cisco Router to Factory Default Settings


This tutorial is to factory reset Cisco Router in case you forget router password or require to flush present configuration. Note that you will lose existing configuration on Cisco Router. Step 1: Reload router. If you do not know the password, just perform hard reboot. Step 2: Wait for 10 seconds of startup ..

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Cisco 887- configure FastEthernet port as WAN


Below is successfully working configuration to configure Cisco 887 router interface as WAN port, remember that you cannot make these FastEthernet interfaces as L3 (no switchport) and you cannot assign IP address to these interfaces, so instead create SVI as we did below. Configure inside interface as “ip ..

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