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Apply and Activate Cisco ASA License 1

Apply and Activate Cisco ASA License

On every purchase of ASA firewall, Cisco ships product authorization key known as PAK in printed format along with delivery. The steps remain same irrespective of ASA license feature. 1.Login to Cisco registration portal...


Copy image to standby Cisco ASA

  Copy IOS image to standby Cisco ASA unit, for example in order to copy asa942-6-smp-k8.bin from tftp server ( to Standby ASA disk0, execute following command asa/pri/act#failover exec mate copy /noconfirm tftp:// disk0:/asa942-6-smp-k8.bin Here...


Running Commands on Standby Cisco ASA

  In order to execute Cisco ASA commands on Standby unit, use failover exec as prefix. failover exec is used to execute commands on a specific unit in a failover pair, the syntax is failover...


Unable to SSH to ASA

We had an issue in SSH to Cisco ASA firewall that was recently purchased and setup in network. While troubleshooting further, we could see some error logs in ASDM as SSH session from on...


Cisco ASA cannot ping any hosts on outside

Out of the box Cisco ASA firewall doesn’t permit ICMP traffic, that means the firewall permits ping traffic out but it won’t let the reply traffic to come inside. The solution is to add “inspection icmp” to global policy...

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