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Upgrade Cisco WLC and Access Points to fix KRACK Attacks


On Oct 16th 2017, 7 vulnerabilities affecting both WPA and WPA2 were made publicly available. Additional research also led to discovery of 3 additional vulnerabilities.  Among these 10 vulnerabilities, only one CVE-2017-13082 may affect wireless infrastructure, the other nine vulnerabilities affect ..

Cisco Wireless LAN Controller – Things to know


WLC doesn’t allow upload or download from a wireless TFTP/FTP computer that is associated to an access point. This has always been by Cisco WLC design. You need such TFTP or FTP to be wired to network and reachable to WLC. However, you can TFTP/FTP from a wireless client to upload or download ..

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Upgrade Cisco WLC and predownload image to AP


  Previously, we upgrade the WLC with the new image and when AP discovers controller with the new image, they all start downloading new image from controller, resets, goes into discovery mode and rejoins the controller. So the whole process would take long period of downtime/maintenance window ..

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