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Configure Static NAT in Cyberoam Firewall


  In order to configure Static NAT in Cyberoam firewall, navigate to Firewall > NAT Policy and specify Public IP address to be NAT into. In LAN to WAN firewall rule, map the internal host to be NAT with the previous created NAT policy.  

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Restrict access of Cyberoam Web Admin GUI to certain WAN IPs


This article, tells you how to restrict Cyberoam GUI access to certain IPs from LAN, so what to do, if you want to restrict to specific Public IPs from WAN. Create a Host Group (named here as WAN IP Access Group) with list of Public IP addresses that you want to provide access, then create WAN-LOCAL ..

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Cyberoam Firewall firmware upgrade – Video Tutorial



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route traffic via IPSec tunnel in Cyberoam firewall


It took almost 2 days for me to resolve this problem -> traffic didn’t pass through the IPSec tunnel in Cyberoam firewall. I read most of KB articles in Cyberoam that talks about it. I grouped here all the checklists that you need to verify. Log shows EST-P1: Peer did not accept any proposal ..

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