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Chrome Font Rendering Issue

Fix poor font rendering in Chome in Windows


Chrome browser is not rendering the fonts properly and it is resolved by disabling “Use hardware acceleration when available” settings.

Configure Bluehost Email on your smartphone


Step 1: Go to Settings and add an IMAP account Step 2: Choose Manual Settings and in Username field, specify full email address. Step 3: Configure Incoming Server as below. IMAP Server would be mail.<your_domain_name> Step 4: Configure Outgoing Server as below. IMAP Server would be mail.<your_domain_name> ..

How to merge wav files on Audacity


Download Audacity from and install. Its free. Open both files on Audacity. Select second wav file and press Ctrl+A to select all and choose Ctrl+C to copy. On first wav file, press at the end of Audio and press Ctrl+V to paste. Now both files are merged. Choose Export > Export as WAV to […]

Setup your own IP Feed in your LAN – Series I


Series I Firewall Feed is an open source web based tool written on PHP to setup and manage your own IP address feed in your local network. Click to Download Firewall Feed from Github The tool facilitates maintaining IP addresses in a text file. As and when needed, you can add or remove IP address in […]

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SNMP vs Trap


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Create SPF record for my domain


Sender Policy Framework (SPF) helps to fight against email spoofing for your organization. SPF is generally a TXT record in DNS Zone file that lists the host name or IP address authorized for sending emails for a specific domain name. There is no other configuration required however the recipients must ..

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View and kill process running on remote computer


oh no! this is not an hacking article, we are helping System Administration guys. Follow this article to know how to view and kill process running on a remote PC. We assume that you already downloaded PsTools in your computer and you are following these steps in a Windows Domain environment. Click to Download ..

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Cannot start microsoft outlook. Cannot open the outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened.


If you are encountering this Outlook error message, then proceed to read this article This problem occurred for me when I set a new password for my expired windows credential. I have been looking for solution, at the end, this solution worked for me. All I did was I closed MS Lync (Skype for Business) ..

How to create and delete a service in Windows?


You can add an application executables to Windows Service and set it to automatically start whenever your system boots. This way you avoid inconvenience of manually starting the application service every time your system boots. Create Windows Service Open Command Prompt “cmd” with Administrator ..

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