Category: WordPress PHP


Handling Text file in PHP

After so long time, I was coding in PHP to write certain user inputs in a text file (.txt). Here are the codes that may find it helpful also. To check if text file...


Debug WordPress

WP_DEBUG is an useful debugging tool available in WordPress to see PHP errors on your website and they are helpful for developers to troubleshoot issues with the website. To turn on WP_DEBUG, add following...


PHP Isset() and Empty()

Empty() Returns False if empty() has non-empty and non-zero value. Returns True for Null, 0, “”   Isset() Returns False for Null Returns True for 0, “” or any value   Both Textareas and...


Add Javascript in WordPress Pages

WordPress defaults security feature restricts use of JavaScript into your content. However there are plenty of plugins out in WordPress that allows JavaScript within page or posts. After testing few, the most easy and workable...


showing errors with wpdb update or insert query

exit(var_dump( $wpdb->last_query )) prints the last query that is executed by database. This is very useful for developers to verify and troubleshoot errors in your query syntax or data format. One sample is presented here for you....

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