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Disable Gutenberg without plugin


Without using any external WordPress plugin, you can still disable Gutenberg with these codes in functions.php

How to securely deploy Sucuri Firewall


Secure your websites using Sucuri Firewall. Here is the best deployment method of Sucuri Firewall to protect your websites.

Debug WordPress


WP_DEBUG is an useful debugging tool available in WordPress to see PHP errors on your website and they are helpful for developers to troubleshoot issues with the website. To turn on WP_DEBUG, add following code in wp-config.php define(‘WP_DEBUG’,true); It is not advisable from security point ..

PHP Isset() and Empty()


Empty() Returns False if empty() has non-empty and non-zero value. Returns True for Null, 0, “”   Isset() Returns False for Null Returns True for 0, “” or any value   Both Textareas and Texboxes will sent “” values and not Null to the $_POST[], so use Emtpty() ..

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