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How to quickly import CSV file into MySQL table


Import CSV into MySQL This is a simple version of LOAD DATA command to import simple CSV file into MySQL table. It look only .02 seconds to import 40+ records. LOAD DATA INFILE ‘c:\datafolder\t_order_details.csv” INTO TABLE t_order_details FIELDS TERMINATED BY ‘;’ LINES TERMINATED BY ‘\n’ ..

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How to get size of each table of a MySQL Database


This SQL query provides you with list of all tables with largest size in a MySQL database that is executed. SELECT table_schema AS `Database` , table_name AS `Table` , ROUND( ( ( data_length + index_length ) /1024 /1024 ) , 2 ) `Size in MB`  FROM information_schema.TABLES ..

WordPress change port 80 to 8080


Its a common practice to have WordPress running on XAMPP, but how to fix your WordPress site, if you have changed your default Apache port 80 to something else, say 8081. Access your MySQL wordpress database, via phpMyAdmin Open wp_options table Look for siteurl and home parameters and change to respective ..

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