Configure DynDNS Dynamic DNS in Cisco Router

This article shows you how to configure DDNS on Cisco Router that receives dynamic Public IP address from Internet provider. After setting this up, your router can be accessed from anywhere via Domain Name.

DynDNS Update

Internet Connection is terminated on Cisco Router

// Configure DNS Servers so router can resolve domain names

// Configure DDNS update Service and choose HTTP method for communicating with DDNS provider.

// This below syntax is for DynDNS provider. The syntax varies for each DDNS provider so you need to get the information from the provider.
// In order to insert ? symbol, press Ctrl+V and then type ? symbol

// Configure DNS update Interval as 12 hours

// Enable DDNS on public interface

// Save configuration

// After completing the setup, reload router for DDNS update service to initiate.



// Enable debug of DDNS service in the Cisco router to review if the update is happening properly and troubleshoot further.

// Router logs clearly tell you what is happening in the background and you will logs similar to below.

// “show ip ddns update” command might probably show as “not available” but you do not need to worry as long as you receive proper logs.

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