HP Switch CLI Commands


Configuration Commands:

1.Create a VLAN and assign an IP address that will be used as default gateway for computers belonging to this specific VLAN. In Cisco terms, you call it as SVI.

SWITCH(config)# vlan 4 name CLIENTS
SWITCH(vlan-4)# ip address

2.Assign a switch port to a specific VLAN

SWITCH(config)# vlan 4
SWITCH(vlan-4)# untagged 24

3.Add a description to switch interface

SWITCH(config)# interface 24 name CE-DEPT-PC

4.Enable or disable an interface. In Cisco terms, you perform shut or no shut an interface.

SWITCH# config t
SWITCH(config)# interface 26
SWITCH(eth-26)# disable
SWITCH(eth-26)# enable

5.Create Trunk ports (EtherChannel in Cisco terms)


We create a trunk for ports 5,6,7 and label as Trk1. We also specified to use LACP protocol.

SWITCH(config)# trunk 5-7 Trk1 LACP

When a trunk is created, the switch ports lose their VLAN configuration and added to member of default VLAN. In order to add these trunk ports to a specific VLAN, run following command.

SWITCH(config)# vlan 4 tagged Trk1

6.Establish connectivity between two switches for traffic to flow between same VLANs in both switches. You need to repeat the same configuration on bot the switches.


SWITCH01(config)# vlan 4
(vlan-4)# tagged 10
SWITCH01(config)# vlan 5
(vlan-5)# tagged 10

7.IP routing between VLANs (Click)

8.VLAN trunk between HP and Cisco switch (Click)


Download HP Switch Guides for Free (2 Page PDF)

HP Switch - Basic Configuration Guide I      Download Size: 241.0 KB     Download Count: 1,227

HP Switch - Basic Configuration Guide II     Download Size: 273.7 KB     Download Count: 1,021


Troubleshooting Commands:

1.Lists mac-address table entries

SWITCH# sh mac-address

2.List switch port information of specific mac-address

SWITCH# sh mac-address b40c25-ff6613

Status and Counters – Address Table – b40c25-ff6613

MAC Address : b40c25-ff6613
Located on Port : 16

3.Show VLANs information on the switch

SWITCH# sh vlan

Status and Counters – VLAN Information

Maximum VLANs to support : 256
Management VLAN :

VLAN ID Name | Status Voice Jumbo
——- ——————– + ———- —– —–
1 DEFAULT_VLAN | Port-based No No
2 Internet-line | Port-based No No
3 IPVPN-line | Port-based No No
9 Double-Take | Port-based No No
103 SERVER | Port-based No No
104 Backup | Port-based No No
105 DMZ | Port-based No No

4.To view neighbor switches

SWITCH# show cdp neighbors

CDP neighbors information

Port Device ID | Platform Capability
—- —————————– + —————————- ———–
13 10 1f 74 78 fe 77 | HP VC Flex-10 Enet Module…
14 10 1f 74 78 fe 77 | HP VC Flex-10 Enet Module…
15 10 1f 74 78 fe 89 | HP VC Flex-10 Enet Module…
19 nadr-01 | NetApp Release 8.3P2: Tue…
20 nadr-02 | NetApp Release 8.3P2: Tue…
21 nadr-01 | NetApp Release 8.3P2: Tue…
22 nadr-02 | NetApp Release 8.3P2: Tue…
23 nadr-01 | NetApp Release 8.3P2: Tue…
24 nadr-02 | NetApp Release 8.3P2: Tue…
25 10 1f 74 78 fe 89 | HP VC Flex-10 Enet Module…
46 mrs.pw3136… | Cisco IOS Software, C2900… R S


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