Monitor Paloalto with OpManager


Step 1 – Configure SNMP in Paloalto Firewall

Note: Paloalto Firewall supports SNMP version v2c and v3 and not v1.

Configure SNMP Community String

  1. Login to Paloalto Firewall
  2. Go to Device > Setup > Operations tab > Click SNMP Setup under Miscellaneous
  3. Configure SNMP Community String and Save


Enable SNMP service on Management Interface of Paloalto Firewall

  1. Go to Device > Setup > Interfaces > Open Management
  2. Enable SNMP under Network Services and Save


Step 2 – Download Paloalto MIB files

Palalto SNMP MIB Files 40.4 KB


Step 3 – Configure OpManager

  1. Login to OpManager installed system and navigate to the OpManager installation path, usually Drive:\ManageEngine\OpManager\mibs
  2. Extract the downloaded files on Step 2 and copy to mibs folder .
  3. If you do not already have Template for Paloalto, create new template under Admin > New Template

The OIDs listed above provides interface and tunnel details of Paloalto firewall. As a last step of this guide, attach this device template to your device in OpManager.

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