Chrome Font Rendering Issue

Fix poor font rendering in Chome in Windows


Chrome browser is not rendering the fonts properly and it is resolved by disabling “Use hardware acceleration when available” settings.

Cisco Switch is not prompting for enable password


If you experience something like your Cisco Switch or Router is not prompting for enable password and directly logs into privilege mode then you have configured “privilege level 15” for the user account. 

BIG-IP F5 with Symantec Enterprise Vault


Our customer was performing Exchange 2010 to 2016 migration along with Enterprise Vault upgrade. And I was asked to migrate from TMG to F5. I use F5 iapp f5.microsoft_exchange_2016.v1.0.2 to configure Exchange 2016 co-existence with Exchange 2010 and SSL profile is enabled at both client and server end in Virtual ..

Configure DynDNS Dynamic DNS in Cisco Router


This article shows you how to configure DDNS on Cisco Router that receives dynamic Public IP address from Internet provider. After setting this up, your router can be accessed from anywhere via Domain Name.

Configure Bluehost Email on your smartphone


Step 1: Go to Settings and add an IMAP account Step 2: Choose Manual Settings and in Username field, specify full email address. Step 3: Configure Incoming Server as below. IMAP Server would be mail.<your_domain_name> Step 4: Configure Outgoing Server as below. IMAP Server would be mail.<your_domain_name> ..

Disable Gutenberg without plugin


Without using any external WordPress plugin, you can still disable Gutenberg with these codes in functions.php

Ooredoo 4G Setup in tp-link


APN Settings to configure Ooredoo 4G broadband SIM in tp-link or Dlink to instantly build a WiFi environment in your home or office.

How to securely deploy Sucuri Firewall


Secure your websites using Sucuri Firewall. Here is the best deployment method of Sucuri Firewall to protect your websites.

Upgrade F5 Image on Active and Standby High Availability Units


Step by step guide to upgrade the latest software image on F5 units. The procedure is still the same whether you upgrade a single unit or active/standby F5 deployed environment. 

Disable Jetpack

How to disable JetPack email notification of new posts to Subscribers?


Here is how to add a checkbox option to every new post of whether or not to email the post to Jetpack subscribers. Use the following code.

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