UCCX: Determine which server is currently the Master?

In UCCX, there is no concept of Publisher/Subscriber, instead we have Master and Slave concept in UCCX. You can identify the role by following few steps.

  1. Login to each UCCX Server
  2. Navigate to Cisco Unified CCX Serviceability page
  3. Choose Tools > Control Center – Network Services menu
  4. Select the Server. If the CCX Engine has a blue box with a M, then it is currently the Master. If it is S, then it means Slave.

In order to switch over Master/Slave roles between nodes, restart Cisco Unified CCX Engine Services.

I read few articles saying about using “utils service list” command to identify Master/Slave role. This is not completely true. The output of this command tells which UCCX database is Master/Slave and not the UCCX Server itself (follow the link post at the article to understand it better).  The best procedure to identify the role is following above screenshots.

UCCX: updating script caused error: Error while performing the operation. Please look into logs for more information.

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