Configure DHCP Server on a Cisco switch or router

Configure Layer3 address on a switch interface that correlates with DHCP address scope. (config) # interface vlan 5 (config-vlan)# ip address (config-vlan)# no shut (config)#ip dhcp pool users (config-dhcp)#network (config-dhcp)#default-router (config-dhcp)#dns-server (config-dhcp)#domain-name (config-dhcp)#lease 8 (config-dhcp)#ip dhcp excluded-address By default network Continue Reading

Know about Cisco Switch and Router

Difference between enable secret password and enable password? enable secret password encrypts the password automatically using MD5 hash algorithm. enable password doesn’t encrypt the password thus stores in clear text. But using service password-encryption command at global config mode encyrpts ‘all’ the passwords in the Cisco IOS. However enable secret password provides stronger encryption Continue Reading

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