Setup parsedmarc in Ubuntu

Step 1: Install Maxmind Step 2: Prerequisite Step 3: Create system user Step 4: Install parsedmarc in a virtual directory Note: Ignore the installation error…

Commands to identify and manage large Linux files

Linux command to list large files in a folder Linux command to truncate size of large files Replace with the desired size in bytes, kilobytes…

apt-get update failed because certificate verification

Ubuntu apt-get update shows Certificate verification failed: The certificate is NOT trusted. The certificate chain uses expired certificate. Could not handshake:
Add AD Group account to Sudoers

Add AD Group account to sudoers in Ubuntu

Add %ADgroup ALL=(ALL) ALL to sudoers file to provide sudo privilege to AD group

Update Date, Time, Timezone on Ubuntu

Use timedatectl command to view and change time, date and timezone in Ubuntu

Fixing missing network interface card in cloned Linux VM

Cloned Linux VM reports missing network interface card because of mismatch MAC address in cloned VM and the one assigned by VMware.

Install SSH Server on Tiny Core Linux

Install OpenSSH on tiny core linux using the command tce-load -wi openssh. Configure persistence SSH setup to remain even after reboot

IPTables Commands

Useful commands to allow port in iptables, delete port in iptables, save iptables permanently.