Commands to identify and manage large Linux files

Linux command to list large files in a folder Linux command to truncate size of large files Replace with the desired size in bytes, kilobytes…

How To Use PowerShell To Trace Exchange Email Messages In Easy Steps

Use Get-MessageTrace cmdlet to list of all the message traces that have been run on Exchange Online. You can use the various parameters of this…

Manage Outlook Rules With PowerShell

Being Exchange administrator, you can take use of PowerShell to manage Outlook rules of remote user.

Resolved – PUTTY key format too low

Use PUTTYGen to convert ppk version 3 to version 2 to use in older version of PUTTY or WinSCP

Redirect permanently 301 response

Use HTTP::respond instead of HTTP:redirect to redirect to 301 (Permanent Redirect) with a suitable status code and Location header

[Solved] – Elasticsearch error- circuit_breaking_exception

Elasticsearch error circuit_breaking_exception can be solved by jvm.options found in /etc/elasticsearch path

Exchange Online Global Address List (GAL)

List of PowerShell commands to create and manage Exchange Online Global Address List.

Troubleshoot Zabbix Agent

zabbix_get is a command line utility for getting data from Zabbix agent and troubleshoot agent communication with Zabbix server.