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Category: Cisco Switch

Configure Cisco NTP 0

Configure NTP on Cisco

This article explains you in detail about NTP configuration on Cisco devices. There are two ways to configure. First I explain about simple NTP configuration without authentication. Second, I explain about NTP configuration with MD5 authentication that is more secure than first one.


Find out bandwidth used on Cisco Switch

#show interface summary command provides bandwidth utilization of each Cisco switch interface, VLAN and port channels. You can either measure bits per sec using RXBS/TXBS fields or packets per sec using RXPS/TXPS fields. Additionally...

Upgrade a Cisco Stack Switch 0

Upgrade a Cisco Stack Switch

  As a Network Engineer, you need to perform regular upgrade of your Cisco Stack Switch to latest and stable IOS version in order to fix bugs and security concerns. Follow these simple steps to...

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