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Facebook Page Role Invite Issues

Are you not seeing the Facebook Page Role Invite in Notifications? Account Manager might probably have tried to cancel and resend the invitation. However, you are still not receiving a notification. In this case, follow our article further to find and accept the invitation.  


php – Class ‘COM’ not found

COM and DOTNET are not available by default in PHP Core, php.ini.  You have to manually add COM support to PHP if you face issue. Typically, you get an error message as Step 1.Copy...


Handling Text file in PHP

After so long time, I was coding in PHP to write certain user inputs in a text file (.txt). Here are the codes that may find it helpful also. To check if text file...


How to quickly import CSV file into MySQL table

Import CSV into MySQL This is a simple version of LOAD DATA command to import simple CSV file into MySQL table. It look only .02 seconds to import 40+ records. LOAD DATA INFILE ‘c:\datafolder\t_order_details.csv”...

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