Resolved – PUTTY key format too low

Use PUTTYGen to convert ppk version 3 to version 2 to use in older version of PUTTY or WinSCP
Reset User Password and Force Change At Next Login

Delegate Password Reset Permission

The steps involved to set delegation for a AD user or group to reset account password permission.

Disable HTTPS Redirect in Firefox

Firefox automatically redirects website to https and causes problem. You can fix by disabling browser.urlbar.autoFill and removing entry in SiteSecurityServiceState.txt file.

TrendMicro Deep Security Useful Commands

Ubuntu Platform Install DS Agent Ubuntu and Debian (platform using dpkg) $ sudo dpkg -i <package_name>   Installed DS Agent Status $ /etc/init.d/ds_agent status  …

Creating Deep Security diagnostic package in Linux

TrendMicro has published article on creating diagnostic package for troubleshooting your reported issues by their support engineers. However, the document doesn’t cover the actual steps…
Chrome Font Rendering Issue

Fix poor font rendering in Chome in Windows

Chrome browser is not rendering the fonts properly and it is resolved by disabling "Use hardware acceleration when available" settings.

Configure Bluehost Email on your smartphone

Step 1: Go to Settings and add an IMAP account Step 2: Choose Manual Settings and in Username field, specify full email address. Step 3:…