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Why VLAN line protocol is down?

On Cisco switches, after creating a new VLAN, we have noticed that VLAN interface is up however protocol doesn’t come up. MTSTJCORESW#sh int vlan 10 Vlan10 is up, line protocol is down Hardware is...


EtherChannel Configuration

About EtherChannel: You can configure maximum 8 ports in single port-channel. All ports in the port-channel should be of same type (Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet), same speed, same duplex settings In addition,...

Add new Switch to Cisco Stack Switch 0

Add new Switch to Cisco Stack Switch

  Prerequisite for adding new Switch to existing Stack: Upgrade IOS to match the stack switch version Make sure the licenses or feature sets are similar (for example IP Base) Configuration Steps: In the...

Configure Cisco Stack Switches 0

Configure Cisco Stack Switches

About switch stack: Maximum 9 switches can be connected in a single switch stack. Among the multiple switches connected in switch stack, one of the catalyst switch controls the operation of entire stack and...

Configure DHCP Server on a Cisco switch or router 0

Configure DHCP Server on a Cisco switch or router

Configure Layer3 address on a switch interface that correlates with DHCP address scope. (config) # interface vlan 5 (config-vlan)# ip address (config-vlan)# no shut (config)#ip dhcp pool users (config-dhcp)#network (config-dhcp)#default-router...

Know about Cisco Switch and Router 0

Know about Cisco Switch and Router

Difference between enable secret password and enable password? enable secret password encrypts the password automatically using MD5 hash algorithm. enable password doesn’t encrypt the password thus stores in clear text. But using service password-encryption command at global...

Configure SSH in Cisco Switch 0

Configure SSH in Cisco Switch

Step 1: Setup hostname, domain-name and Management IP address (config)# hostname corp-sw-01 (config)# ip domain-name (config)# interface vlan 101 (config-if)# ip address   Step 2: Generate RSA key (config)# crypto key generate...

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