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How to forward ports on Ooredoo Home Gateway – Fibre to the Home


1.Login to Home Gateway – Fibre to the Home router. By default, IP address is, hence browse

2.Login with default username and password – telecomadmin and admintelecom

3.Navigate to Forward Rules tab and configure port forwarding.

Here, I want the traffic on port 80 to be port forwarded to my internal host, so I can access my web server from anywhere.

Make sure you choose WAN NAME properly, it should be the Internet Line and not IPTV.


4.You can either find your public IP address by visiting  or navigate to Status tab to learn IP address (1.1.1.) mentioned on Internet line.


5.That’s it. Verify if the port is successfully port forwarding by testing in

Specify the IP address ( that you see in Step 4 and mention the port (80) and click Go. If the test shows Open then you have successfully did the port forward. Otherwise, please check if you have followed this article properly.

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