How to securely deploy Sucuri Firewall


Here is the best deployment method of Sucuri Firewall to protect your websites.

In the above topology, Sucuri Firewall serves client requests by streaming data from your hosting server and prevent clients from connecting directly to your hosting server. 

Step 1: Add your website in Website Firewall and choose the option “I want to use the Sucuri’s DNS Servers

Step 2: Change “A” record DNS of your website pointing to the “Firewall IP Address” provided by Sucuri.

Step 3: After successfully pointing DNS in Step 2, Sucuri Firwall gets activated.

Before we proceed to next step, you must ensure that your website loads with out any problem.

Step 4: At your hosting server, restrict the website access only to Sucuri Server IP addresses. If you don’t perform this step, attackers can easily bypass Sucuri and reach your website by IP address to perform attacks .

Step 4.1: Go to Sucuri Firewall > General > Overview to get the list to be whitelisted.

Step 4.2: Here is how to use .htaccess to restrict your website to only Sucuri Server IPs. Instead, you can also perform these steps on your on-premise firewall.

Create a .htaccess file and placed in the root of your directory.

order allow,deny
deny from 
allow from
allow from
allow from

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