Cisco 1850 Mobility Express Configuration – Video Tutorial

[wpdevart_youtube]NaSLHokze6E[/wpdevart_youtube] Our video tutorial missed to clarify few information, so we explained here and are IPs of SVI configured on the switches. is an interface on Cisco ASA firewall, being Guest WLAN, we have not configured SVI on the switch and let ASA handle DHCP Server and lease Continue Reading

Configure IKEv1 Site to Site VPN between Cisco ASAs

  Step 1: Configure Phase 1 and Phase 2 In ASA of both sides Phase 1: IKE policy In Phase 1, single bi-directional SA (Security Association) is created between VPN peers and is a control channel for Phase-1 keepalives, DH-Key Calculation and Phase-2 SA creation and rekey. ciscoasa(config)# crypto ikev1 Continue Reading

Review of Cisco Meraki Facebook Wi-Fi

Configuration of Facebook Wi-Fi in Cisco Meraki: In  Cisco Meraki dashboard, navigate to Wireless > SSIDs > edit settings of Access Control. Then configure as below Under Addressing and traffic option, choose Bridge mode: Make clients part of the LAN. This option let clients receive IP address from your local DHCP server, Continue Reading

EtherChannel Configuration

About EtherChannel: You can configure maximum 8 ports in single port-channel. All ports in the port-channel should be of same type (Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet), same speed, same duplex settings In addition, incase of trunk port-channel, same VLANs and native VLAN should be permitted. It is advisable to configure switchports on Continue Reading

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