Configure SNMPv3 on Cisco Switch


  • SNMPv3 works only with Cisco IOS version 15.2 and higher for Cisco switches
  • SNMPv3 works only with Cisco IOS version 12.0.3T for Cisco routers.

In this guide, we follow below parameters

  • User account: Zabbix_READ
  • Group name: GP_READ
  • Hash Method: MD5
  • Encryption Method: DES
  • SNMP Manager Host:

Step by Step Procedure to configure SNMPv3 with READ ONLY ACCESS

Step 1: Create ‘Read Only Access’ to view all iso tree

By default, you don’t need to configure any view.  The default view, v1default, has all of the regular MIB branches included.

# snmp-server view Full-Access iso included


Step 2: Create Group with name ‘GP_READ’ with read access

#snmp-server group GP_READ v3 priv read Full-Access



If you want to provide write access as well, command would be like

#snmp-server group GP_READ v3 priv read Full-Access write Full-Access


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Step 3: Create User with name ‘Zabbix_READ’ in group ‘GP_READ’ with MD5 hash password “15Access” and DES encryption password “15Encrypt”

#snmp-server user Zabbix_READ GP_READ v3 auth md5 15Access priv des 15Encrypt access 12


Step 4: Create ACL for SNMP Manager

#access-list 12 permit


Step 5: Associate to IP address of SNMP Manager with READ ONLY access user

#snmp-server host version 3 priv Zabbix_READ


Step 6: Enable SNMP service to send traps of linkdown linkup

#snmp-server enable traps snmp linkdown linkup


Troubleshooting Commands

# show snmp user

# show snmp group