Recover Cisco Switch Ports from err-disabled State

To view disabled ports

SW#sh interfaces status err-disabled

Port     Name      Status                Reason            Err-disabled Vlans
Gi1/1/1                 err-disabled     gbic-invalid

Here the reason for port to go to err-disabled state is due to invalid GBIC (SFP) plugged on port Gi1/1/1

when port is in err-disabled state, you need to understand that

  • no traffic flows on the port.
  • port LED is orange color.


To recover from err-disabled port state

To recover a port from err-disabled state, manual intervention is required. You need to go to the interface mode, and issue shut and no shut command.

SW(config)# int Gi1/1/1
SW(config-if)# shut
SW(config-if)# no shut