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Configure HSTS on F5 – Video Tutorial


Our video tutorial explains how to configure HSTS – HTTP Strict Transport Security on F5 Appliance. There are 2 options available to configure Option 1 is using iRule Option 2 is using HTTP Profile, however this option is available from Version 12 onwards. Using iRule option, configure following ..

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Find out bandwidth used on Cisco Switch


#show interface summary command provides bandwidth utilization of each Cisco switch interface, VLAN and port channels. You can either measure bits per sec using RXBS/TXBS fields or packets per sec using RXPS/TXPS fields. Additionally you also get to know counts of pkts dropped in the interface.   ..

UCCX: updating script caused error: Error while performing the operation. Please look into logs for more information.


An error has occurred while saving a new UCCX script file in UCCX Publisher node. The message was “Error while performing the operation. Please look into logs for more information.“ If you encounter similar error, first identify the server roles, ensure they are properly set and finally try to apply ..

UCCX: Determine which server is currently the Master?


In UCCX, there is no concept of Publisher/Subscriber, instead we have Master and Slave concept in UCCX. You can identify the role by following few steps. Login to each UCCX Server Navigate to Cisco Unified CCX Serviceability page Choose Tools > Control Center – Network Services menu Select the Server. ..

Cisco CUCM – Get User List Who have Logged into Phone


As a Cisco CUCM administration, you may have to find out at some point of time, which users have logged in and to which Cisco phone. Here is how you can check. Login to CUCM Choose Devices > Phone Select ‘Actively Logged in Device Report’ from the drop-down list in the upper, right corner ..

Challenges upgrading Paloalto firewall to 8.1.0 Version


We were upgrading all paloalto firewall appliances to latest base version 8.1.0 and we encountered numerous issues. We are sharing our experience here, you may also consider with caution while upgrading to latest version. 1. SMB traffic are blocked: Paloalto firewall blocks SMB traffic traversing through ..

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View and kill process running on remote computer


oh no! this is not an hacking article, we are helping System Administration guys. Follow this article to know how to view and kill process running on a remote PC. We assume that you already downloaded PsTools in your computer and you are following these steps in a Windows Domain environment. Click to Download ..

POE, POE+ vs UPOE: What’s the difference?


You need to calculate the power requirements for all the powered devices that you plan to connect to switch. Also be careful while laying longer network cable, as some power is lost over the length of cable.

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Cannot start microsoft outlook. Cannot open the outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened.


If you are encountering this Outlook error message, then proceed to read this article This problem occurred for me when I set a new password for my expired windows credential. I have been looking for solution, at the end, this solution worked for me. All I did was I closed MS Lync (Skype for Business) ..

Debug WordPress


WP_DEBUG is an useful debugging tool available in WordPress to see PHP errors on your website and they are helpful for developers to troubleshoot issues with the website. To turn on WP_DEBUG, add following code in wp-config.php define(‘WP_DEBUG’,true); It is not advisable from security point ..

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