Prevent WordPress auto conversion of double hyphen

In functions.php, add the following line at the end remove_filter( 'the_content', 'wptexturize' );       

Configure Mail Settings in WordPress

Use Contact Form and Post SMTP free plugins to setup mail settings in WordPress website

Configure SPF for GoDaddy mail account

Godaddy SPF record is TXT record with v=spf1 a mx ~all

Subdomain Email Configuration in GoDaddy Hosting

Follow these easy steps to setup a subdomain email account in your hosting cPanel

Remotely get list of installed program

Use PsExec to connect to a remote PC and get list of program installed. Command is wmic then product get name

Configure F5 for Server Side SSL

With BIG-IP F5 appliance, you can encrypt all traffic between client and back end server using the same SSL certificate and Key. The client establishes…

Disable HTTPS Redirect in Firefox

Firefox automatically redirects website to https and causes problem. You can fix by disabling browser.urlbar.autoFill and removing entry in SiteSecurityServiceState.txt file.

Fixing missing network interface card in cloned Linux VM

Cloned Linux VM reports missing network interface card because of mismatch MAC address in cloned VM and the one assigned by VMware.

Disable Themes and Plugin Editor from WordPress Admin

Consider restricting themes and plugin editor from Admin Panel to prevent hackers who break into your website to distribute malware or conduct DDOS.