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Access Folder and Copy/Paste between Windows and Ubuntu on Oracle Virtualbox

This post describes steps to access share folder and enable copy/paste between Windows computer and Ubuntu running on Oracle Virtualbox environment. You will find it so much needed to transfer files soon after you complete fresh installation of Ubuntu.

Step 1: Install Guest Additions

  1. Navigate to Devices menu > Insert Guest Additions CD image on Ubuntu.
  2. Choose Run to automatically install VBox_GA software. If prompted, specify password to perform installation.
  3. At the end, you will be asked to reboot Ubuntu. Reboot it.

Ubuntu_Insert Guest Additions CD image

Ubuntu Install Guest Addition CD Image

Ubuntu Install Guest VM Addition


Step 2: Enable Copy/Paste

Enable Shared Clipboard access based on the direction you need. Here, Host means your Windows operating system and Guest means Ubuntu. That’s it, you can try out copy/paste between host and guest.

Ubuntu Copy Paste Shared Clipboard


Step 3: Enable Drag and Drop

Navigate to Devices menu > Drag and Drop > Bidirectional to drag and drop between Windows and Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Drag Drop


Step 4: Enable Shared Folder

  1. Choose Shared Folders Settings under Devices > Shared Folders
  2. Specify details of Windows shared folder. Folder Path is the Windows folder that you would like to be shared with Ubuntu. All other options are optional.
  3. In Ubuntu terminal, to mount a shared folder

$ mkdir share                  //create a folder to mount

$ sudo mount -t vboxsf Study share            //where Study is the shared folder name specified in step 2.

You will notice that a shared folder is created on your desktop and accessible

In order to unmount a shared

$ sudo umount ~/share



Ubuntu Shared Folders

Ubuntu Shared Folders Mount

Ubuntu Share Drive Commands

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