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F5 Clear Front Panel LCD display warnings remotely

F5 appliance LCD warning displays cannot be seen remotely, neither LED alarms. But if you would like to remotely see any warnings, these are written in /var/log/ltm file.

However you can remotely clear LCD warnings and Alarm LED using following commands.

Note: Performing following procedure should not have a negative impact on the appliance.

lcdwarn -c <level> <slotid>

In this command syntax, note the following:

<level> specifies the alert level to be cleared, specify either [0|1|2|3|4|5] or [warning|error|alert|critical|emergency|information]

<slotid>, leave as 0 for non-VIPRION platform.

For example,

To clear LCD warnings

[root@F5LB:Active:In Sync] config # lcdwarn -c 0 0

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To clear errors

[root@F5LB:Active:In Sync] config # lcdwarn -c 1 0

If you would like to clear all the LCD warnings

[root@F5LB:Active:In Sync] config # for i in 0 1 2 3 4 5; do lcdwarn -c "${i}" 0; done

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One of my customer was running an outdated F5 11.6.0 version and he reported an issue that his Front panel LCD display stop updating the status. Later, this is found to be a bug in 11.6.0 version and F5 has already released a fix.

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