[Solved] – Elasticsearch error- circuit_breaking_exception

Elasticsearch error circuit_breaking_exception can be solved by jvm.options found in /etc/elasticsearch path

Exchange Online Global Address List (GAL)

List of PowerShell commands to create and manage Exchange Online Global Address List.

Troubleshoot Zabbix Agent

zabbix_get is a command line utility for getting data from Zabbix agent and troubleshoot agent communication with Zabbix server.

apt-get update failed because certificate verification

Ubuntu apt-get update shows Certificate verification failed: The certificate is NOT trusted. The certificate chain uses expired certificate. Could not handshake:

Monitor Website in Zabbix

1.Select the host in Zabbix 2.In the Applications tab, click on Create Application and specify name 3.In the Web Scenario tab, click Create web scenario…
Reset User Password and Force Change At Next Login

Delegate Password Reset Permission

The steps involved to set delegation for a AD user or group to reset account password permission.