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Useful CLI Commands of Cisco Mobility Express


show sysinfoTo view System ObjectID, System Uptime, Configured Country and high-level information.
show timeTo display the Cisco wireless LAN controller time and date


Access Points

show ap summaryTo view number of APs, AP Model, AP Name, Ethernet MAC address,
Location, IP address and more importantly Country configured.
It also shows you number of Clients connected.
show ap image allTo view software image of APs. At the time of upgrade,
this command is useful to view Predownload Status.
show ap join stats summary allTo view status of APs joined to Controller or not
show ap inventory allTo view serial numbers of all APs



show client summaryTo display a summary of clients by MAC address associated with APs.
You get to know if client connected on 5 or 2.4GHz and to which AP.
show client detail To display detailed information for a client on a AP



show wlan summaryTo view SSIDs configured and if they are enabled or disabled


Master AP

show ap next-preferred-masterTo display the status of the master AP
config ap next-preferred-masterTo configure the master AP that has been elected to take over as the new master AP
clear ap next-preferred-masterTo clear the configuration of the master AP


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