Install Brackets Editor in Ubuntu and other Linux Distributions

Brackets is an open-source, lightweight and powerful text editor. Brackets makes the web development easy to design for web designers and front-end developers. The in-built LSP support in Brackets, unlocks potential for multitudes of developers to bring in support for languages such as PHP, Python, and more. And enable features such as code completion, diagnostic, jump to definition and more. Here, we look at how to install Brackets in Ubuntu and other Linux Distributions.

Install Brackets in Ubuntu

STEP 1: Download Snap Store from Ubuntu Software

Ubuntu Install Snap Store For Brackets Editor


STEP 2: Download Brackets from Snap Store

Ubuntu Install Brackets Editor using Snap
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Why I don’t install Brackets directly from their website ?

Instead of using Snap Store, you can optionally download Brackets package from their website here – and choose either 32bit or 64bit of .deb file depending upon your Ubuntu operating system. In order to install, you need to navigate to Downloads folder and execute sudo dpkg -i <brackets_downloaded_file>

In this manual installation process, you need to fix all the dependency for brackets by yourself which is unnecessarily consumes your time. Whereas, Snap Store makes the installation process really easy for you.

Ubuntu Install Brackets Package