Install SSH Server on Tiny Core Linux

Steps to configure SSH server on tiny core linux. Tiny Core Linux doesn’t come with any default SSH server service, hence you need to manually install and set to autostart at bootup.

Video tutorial of how to make permanent installation of openssh server on tiny core Linux


Step 1: Install OpenSSH

$ tce-load -wi openssh


Step 2: Ensure ssh_config file is available

$ ls /usr/local/etc/ssh


Step 3: Start SSH Service

$ sudo /usr/local/etc/init.d/openssh start


Step 4: Verify SSH port is listening for connections

$ netstat -an | grep 22

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Step 5: Set password for root account

$ sudo su

$ passwd


Step 6: Add SSH and password shadow files to /opt/.filetool.lst

tiny core runs on RAM and resets to original after reboot. In order to persist the configuration, you need to manually store the files and directories to be backed up at this file. Also remember to manually backup using command in Step 6

$ sudo echo ‘/usr/local/etc/ssh’ >> /opt/.filetool.lst

$ sudo echo ‘/etc/shadow’ >> /opt/.filetool.lst


Step 7: Verify content of filetool.lst

$ cat /opt/.filetool.lst


Step 8: Automatically start SSH service at startup

$ sudo vi /opt/

Add following line to start SSH service

/usr/local/etc/init.d/openssh start


Step 9: Back it up

$ -b


Optional: In another tiny-core lnux, install putty to verify connection to SSH server

$ tce-load -wi putty

Putty shortcut is created on the menu bar and can be used to verify connection to SSH server