Setup your own IP Feed in your LAN – Series I


Series I Firewall Feed is an open source web based tool written on PHP to setup and manage your own IP address feed in your local network. Click to Download Firewall Feed from Github The tool facilitates maintaining IP addresses in a text file. As and when needed, you can add or remove IP address in […]

Fortigate CLI

Configure Fortigate Management IP address in the same subnet of other interface


In a branch office where there are few users with just one IP subnet used , I need to configure Fortigate Management interface in the same subnet of LAN.  By default, FortiGate doesn’t permit such configurations and if you still try to configure, you get an error “Conflicts with LAN subnet“. ..

How to troubleshoot an issue of F5 redirecting Exchange OWA Web address to direct host name of CAS Server


Problem is When you access Outlook Web Access (OWA) as for example, F5 redirects your request to actual CAS server address, https://hubcas1/owa instead of retaining the request URL.   Solution is In you are facing this problem then it means SSL is configured on CAS Server ..

php – Class ‘COM’ not found


COM and DOTNET are not available by default in PHP Core, php.ini.  You have to manually add COM support to PHP if you face issue. Typically, you get an error message as Step 1.Copy php_com_dotnet.dll located in xampp\php\ext folder to c:/windows/system32/ Step 2.Add following to php.ini file located ..

Handling Text file in PHP


After so long time, I was coding in PHP to write certain user inputs in a text file (.txt). Here are the codes that may find it helpful also. To check if text file is empty [crayon-5d09757a65e46749401753/]   To check if content already exists in text file [crayon-5d09757a65e5a170421071/]   ..

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Recover Cisco Switch Ports from err-disabled State


How to view and recover Cisco Switch ports from err-disabled state

How to quickly import CSV file into MySQL table


Import CSV into MySQL This is a simple version of LOAD DATA command to import simple CSV file into MySQL table. It look only .02 seconds to import 40+ records. LOAD DATA INFILE ‘c:\datafolder\t_order_details.csv” INTO TABLE t_order_details FIELDS TERMINATED BY ‘;’ LINES TERMINATED BY ‘\n’ ..

How to get size of each table of a MySQL Database


This SQL query provides you with list of all tables with largest size in a MySQL database that is executed. [crayon-5d09757a66533382657163/]  

How to configure multi-SSID of different VLAN on tp-link access point?


In this setup, 2 SSIDs are configured on tp-link access point and both SSIDs are operating on different VLAN . VLAN 5 – for internal employee computers to get connected and access corporate network and systems. VLAN 200 – for guests so we must ensure that guests cannot access corporate systems ..

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SNMP vs Trap


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